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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The First Confessor - Terry Goodkind Self-Publishes!

Okay, so, this is big news.

Terry Goodkind, a favorite author of mine, and a New York Times Bestselling author at that, is going Self-Pub for he next book: The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus.

He hit the scene in 1994 with his brilliant first novel, Wizard's First Rule, which incidentally broke a record by being won in a major bidding war between three major traditional publishers. Since then he has written 11 novels and one novella, all of which have done very well.

Now he's doing the one thing I've been waiting a while now for some major author to do: Self-Publish a fullscale novel.

A lot of authors are tinkering with the idea and they're publishing short stories. Dean Koontz has done it, Stephen King has done it, but none of them have done what Terry is about to do. I think this is going to set a new precedent.

I think this is a good thing and I'm very interested to see what the results are going to be.

The new book will be released solely as an e-book on all the major platforms: Kindle, Nook, etc. It will retail for only $9.99, except the first week when it's $8.99.

Do yourself a favor and head to Terry's Facebook page, Twitter page, or his website. And check out the book when it comes out. It should be a good entry point for his writing as it's not in the middle or at the end of a series. It's related to the larger world and characters he's created but it takes place a long time in the story's past.

And, as always, don't forget to check out my e-book novel A Ghost of Fire on Amazon for $2.99 as well.

Below is the Cover image for The First Confessor.

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  1. July 2, 2012 is the release date fot "The First Confessor," by the way.


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